Boarding House Refurbishment

Boarding House Refurbishment

We are delighted to share that we have begun the process of updating our Boarding House. The project has started with the refurbishment of St John's Dressing Room - a bedroom which sleeps up to 4 children.

Interior Designer, Lynne Lambourne, has given the room a light and welcoming feel, with an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere. Through the use of recycled pallets as bedside tables, and with the installation of light coloured furniture, the room is has a clean and bright feel, while retaining its cosiness. Each bed has a fluffy throw which the children can take with them around the Boarding House to watch films and spend time with their friends. In addition to this, there is a pin board above each bed, and a chalk board on the back of the door, allowing the children to personalise their space and feel truly at home.

The beautiful original fireplace has been accentuated by the use of an inspiring Roald Dahl quote that Lynne Lambourne had made for the space. It gives the children a wonderful space where they will feel that truly have the power to change the world.


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