British Lions' Players Visit the Oratory Prep School

British Lions' Players Visit the Oratory Prep School

The England and British Lions rugby centre, Manu Tuilagi, and the former Ireland and British Lions full back, Geordan Murphy, visited the Oratory Prep to coach various age groups.

They spent an hour with our group, beginning with Manu Tuilagi taking us on a warm-up run.  At each corner of the field we would stop to do exercises and stretches.  When we completed that, Geordan Murphy told us we would begin with passing to get us moving and communicating.

Side-stepping was next.  We were asked to take the defender one way and then go the other way.  The attacker usually beat the defender.

We built on what we had learnt in a match situation.  Afterwards we came together and Geordan Murphy summed up what we had been taught.  He again stressed the importance of communication.

Everyone then gathered in the theatre for a question and answer session.  Although the questions were mainly on rugby, we learnt that Manu Tuilagi bakes banana cakes and plays the guitar.  The two coaches spoke about what it meant to play club and international rugby, and said that supporters sitting in the wooden stand above the change room at Leicester Tigers stamp their feet to get the players pumped up in a great atmosphere.

Oliver (Y7)


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