Flexi Boarding Week

Flexi Boarding Week

Last week we hosted a Flexi Boarding Week for our Year 8 pupils. It was taken up with huge enthusiasm, and the children engaged with each evening's activities with excitement. Tuesday night was a South African culture night, where the children tucked in to big helpings of traditional South African food (with some going back up for seconds). After this, the children split into 4 teams of 5 for a quiz on South African culture, geography, history, sport and general facts. This was followed by some time spent potting up plants which will be sold to raise money for Path Out Of Poverty. 

On Wednesday night, the children engaged in group leadership tasks which aimed to improve their communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Mr Sexon provided fun and challenging tasks to test the abilities of the pupils.

Thursday evening had a fantastic French theme, with an exquisite French supper, followed by an evening spent learning about the language and culture of the country. This included a fun scavenger hunt with instructions written entirely in French.

It was a brilliant week which was met with great feedback from staff and parents. Huge thanks to all of the staff who made it possible.

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