Friends of the Oratory Prep School


    FOPS (Friends of the Oratory Preparatory School) is the parent Association for the Oratory Prep School.  It is run by Oratory Prep parents in conjunction with staff and is a totally voluntary organisation.

    FOPS has three key objectives:

    • To encourage contact, co-operation and good relations between parents, staff and pupils, primarily though the organisation of social and other events. Regular events are the fireworks night, Christmas Fair, and a film/disco night for the children. Other events have included a quiz night/race night and a summer event which might be a ball or a less formal Barn Dance.
    • To assist in raising funds, both for the school itself, for example to buy extra playground equipment or violins for a whole year group and also for charities, in particular local ones such as the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children.
    • To promote the school within the local community  

    It has four key officers – a chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. It has a committee – comprised of reps from each year group and some teachers as well as other parents who sit on the committee. The four key officers and committee are voted in at an AGM each year. The reps volunteer themselves at the beginning of the Summer term in order to take over from September.

    You too can get as involved in FOPS as you like, giving as much or as little time as you feel appropriate. Parents who do give their time all seem to have similar reasons for joining in. It’s an opportunity to meet both staff and parents from outside your own children’s year groups – and to give something back. It’s both enjoyable and rewarding.

    It’s undeniable that parents, children and staff enjoy the events organised by FOPS. The intention behind them all is to have some fun, while often also raising money for good causes whether within or outside of the School. If you would like to help FOPS in any way or if you have any feedback, please contact FOPS via the school office.