Full, Weekly and Flexi-Boarding

    Boarding at the Oratory Prep is a popular, enjoyable and enriching experience and there are four ways to board at the Oratory Prep.

    Full-time boarding

    Boarders spend the entire term with us, visiting guardians or relatives during half-term and Exeat weekends. At weekends they have a busy and exciting programme of activities.

    Weekly boarding

    Many of our parents find that weekly boarding suits them best. Boarders arrive on either Sunday evening or Monday morning, and return home on Friday evening or Saturday lunchtime.

    Regular part-time boarding

    Boarders stay with us on the same nights each week, booked in advance.


    Boarders stay with us when they want to, or when their parents need to make use of this facility.
    Providing we have room, children are most welcome to use us like a hotel!



    Please see the link below to the Oratory Prep School Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice.  For all other polices, please click here

    OPS Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice - October 2017.pdf