Handbooks and Policies

    OSA Privacy Notice 2019

    EYFS Policy including Curriculum September 2018

    EYFS Settling in Policy - September 2017.pdf

    EYFS Assessment and Reporting Policy - September 2018

    EYFS Telephone calls, mobile phones, cameras, video recorder usage policy - September 2018

    Counselling policies and procedures - September 2018

    Intimate Care Guidelines whole school - KS1/KS2 - September 2018

    OPS Admissions Policy 2018

    OPS CCTV Policy - September 2017.pdf

    OPS Complaints Procedure - October 2017.pdf

    Curriculum Policy High-Ability Pupils - September 2017.pdf

    OPS Curriculum Policy - September 2017.pdf

    OPS EAL Policy - September 2017.pdf

    OPS EYFS Behaviour Management Policy - September 2018

    OPS Staff and Parent Behaviour Policy - September 2017.pdf

    First Aid and Health Care Policy - September 2017.pdf

    OPS Parent Carer Partnership Policy - September 2017.pdf

    OPS 3 year Accessibility Plan - September 2017.pdf

    OPS Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice - October 2018

    OSA Safeguarding Child Protection Policy - September 2018

    OSA Social Media Policy - September 2017.pdf

    The EYFS Parents Handbook - June 2017.pdf

    OPS Standard Terms and Conditions - May 2018.pdf

    Anti Bribery Policy.pdf

    Prep Parents Handbook - 2018-19

    OPS Behaviour and Sanctions Policy - September 2018

    OPS E Safety Policy inc AUP - September 2017.pdf

    OPS EYFS Behaviour Management Policy - September 2018

    EYFS Personal Care Policy - Safeguarding Children - September 2018

    PRE-PREP After School Care Supervision Policy - September 2017.pdf

    Learning Support and SEND Policy - September 2018

    Anti-Bullying Policy - May 2017.pdf