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    Oratory Preparatory School - Regulatory Compliance Inspection November 2017

    Our latest inspection was carried out during November 2017 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

    This was a Regulatory Compliance Inspection, which looks at whether or not a school has met each of the regulations that independent schools are required to meet. There are currently just under 500 regulations in the ISI handbook. The report is written to a template and very specific wording is allowed from the inspectors. Compliance inspections do not give any information about the quality of education offered by a school and only record whether we have met the regulations. Therefore, the inspection report will only state ‘met or ‘not met’ to a list of regulations.

    The School is delighted to report that in our inspection we met all of the regulations, with the exception of three checks, relating to the administration of contract staff. The reason there are three checks that are ‘not met’ is because if one of those checks is ‘not met’ then the others will automatically be classed as ‘not met’.  However, we would like to stress that at no time was there any member of contract staff on site who hadn’t had the appropriate employment checks.  As you can imagine, we were hugely disappointed, especially as we work tirelessly to ensure a fantastic education for the children in a safe and happy environment. Needless to say, as soon as we were alerted, the Association put changes in place to ensure that the administration and processes and procedures for contract staff joining the school, which is administered by the centralised Association HR department, would meet all ISI standards with immediate effect.

    The report highlights that “leadership and management actively promote the well-being of the pupils” and we are very proud to say that the inspectors told us that they found our safeguarding provision in the school to be excellent.

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    The Oratory Preparatory School Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2017.pdf