Record-breaking year for scholarships

Record-breaking year for scholarships

We have had a record-breaking year for scholarships and exhibitions, with children securing 27 awards this year. Our girls have also made history with a 25% increase in the number of scholarships ever amassed by our girls in one year.

This achievement comes at a time when scholarships are increasingly difficult to attain, and adds to the almost 50 scholarships and exhibitions, ranging from All-Round awards, to those for Academics, Music, Art, Drama and Sport, that have been gained by pupils in the past few years.

Our Headmaster, Mr Stewart, said ‘The most important factor, and that which makes me most proud, is the entire process, rather than the outcome: each pupil’s desire and drive, combined with the growth in maturity as they fully extended themselves to meet their full potential. In many cases, pupils do this without achieving an award - there were some notable performances from pupils who did very well in scholarship exams for highly selective schools.’

This year, the children have been awarded scholarships and exhibitions to schools such as Abingdon School, Bradfield College, The Oratory School, Cranford House, Radley College and St Helen and St Katharine. Alongside Academic, Sport, Music, Art and Drama awards, the children’s achievements include a Racquets exhibition, and All-Round awards.

A record-breaking year of this kind has not been seen at our school since 2008, where 18 scholarships were achieved. It is testament to the motivation of the pupils who spent hours in preparation, and the time devoted by their teachers.

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