School Council Elections

School Council Elections

It was an exciting battle for the leadership of the School Council (now in its 20th Year) at the Year 3-8 Class Assembly. Six of our Year 8s gave their best in the hustings (AKA speeches) to excite and encourage pupils to vote for them to become President.  Here are their campaign themes and ideas:

Clement: improve school food, get rid of plastic, gather ideas about the School

Ollie: school suggestion box, add new sports including NFL, baseball, handball and basketball, juniors wear trousers in the winter!

Jayden:  Fundraiser – Funfest, introduce a Chillax, help to reduce stress

Anthony: make swimming optional and introduce Minecraft, better food, bigger range of activities

Bonnie – café/tuckshop for charity, reverse single sex sports so all available to all, introduce hot snacks and bigger portions

Charlie – add mountain biking and rowing teams, beat boxing and fitness activities, morning house run for boarders.

Along with their dynamic speeches the children campaigned with posters around the school. Voting takes place in the polling station (sports hall) and the turnout is expected to be very high!  

At the Assembly our Headmaster also presented badges to the new Year 8 prefects.  

Congratulations All!

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