Want to be an Astronaut?

Want to be an Astronaut?

Our Year 7's launched a space themed end of term assembly and a real astronout, Kerry, a pilot with the RAF, gave an inspirational talk about wanting to become an astronaut. She told the children to never give up and to follow your dreams. Kerry trained as a fast jet pilot and now flies the RAF’s Air to Air refuelling aircraft in and out of warzones, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Kerry competed in the BBC2 programme - Astronouts - Do you have what it takes?

Kerry, pictured 1st on the right was was asked a number of questions by the children including what do astronauts eat and how do astronauts go to the toilet (!). She also shared her experiences of the challenges that she overcome including speaking Russian, compulsory if you want to become an astronaut, whilst in a centrifuge. She then encouraged them to apply to the European Space Agency to become a British astronaut so watch this space!

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