Y4 Trip to Dorchester Abbey and St Birinus Church

Y4 Trip to Dorchester Abbey and St Birinus Church

Year 4 visited Dorchester Abbey and St Birinus RC Church and the trip included 4 activities: Abbey Tour with the Education Officer, Museum Visit with an Archaeologist, A Treasure Hunt and Brass and Tomb Rubbings and Sketchings.

All the activities were interesting and interactive.  The tour engaged the children as it moved round the Abbey and the children loved dressing up, the Museum visit was even better than last year with its in-depth archaeological finds handling session, the ‘Hunt the Treasures and Parts of a Church’ was a good chance for the children to move round the Abbey, searching out treasures and understanding the layout, and finally, the big favourite, brass and tomb rubbing, along with sketching.

Margaret, the Education Officer, drew plenty of excellent questions out of our Year 4 children at the beginning and her plenary brought everything together with all questions answered.

As ever, Father John led our peaceful visit to St. Birinus Church, with prayers and quiet at the end of a busy day; his Q and A session was handled skilfully and the children benefitted enormously.

A very good day!

K.T. Phillips

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