Year 5/6 Able Writers Course

Year 5/6 Able Writers Course

Six Oratory Prep pupils travelled to St Andrew’s to take part in a creative writing extension day. The pupils had achieved the top positions in last term’s ‘Shakespeare 400’ creative writing competition.

The day was led by Collin R. Parsons, a well-known author who specialises in children’s fantasy. Collin has produced award-winning stories such as the Wizards Kingdom Trilogy.  Throughout the day all those in attendance learnt how to develop their creative writing and produce work of a fine detail. Collin gave feedback to many of the pupils and was very impressed by the quality of the work produced.

The Oratory Prep pupils created their own stories based on DISC, Collin’s latest book which is awaiting release.  They did well and it is hoped to publish their work in some form in the near future.

Mr E. Strang

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