2591 QS Oratory Prep 206

Pastoral Care

Our pupils’ happiness and wellbeing is of paramount importance. We firmly believe that a happy, secure and confident child is a productive child who can make progress in all spheres of their school life. The highly trained Pre-Prep staff create an exceptionally caring, friendly and approachable start to school life. They encourage the children to think for themselves and to develop self-control, independence and a sense of achievement through their learning and shared core values, which are known as the ‘Golden Rules’:

Be gentle – Do not hurt anybody – be kind
Be kind and helpful – Do not hurt people’s feelings – help each other
Work hard – Do not waste time – always try your best
Look after property – Do not waste or damage things – put things back in the correct place
Listen to people – Do not interrupt – have good manners at all times
Be honest – Do not cover up the truth

Praise and encouragement is at the core of the Pre-Prep, and we believe that when a child feels valued and recognised for their effort and achievement, they are able to develop their talents and flourish both socially and academically.

Each member of staff takes a genuine interest in the lives of those they teach, and are responsible for the daily pastoral care of the children in their class. They know the children very well and have strong, positive relationships with them. The staff liaise very closely with parents and carers to ensure communication is effective and purposeful, whilst also being accessible and approachable to discuss any concerns they may have about the children.

Gill Smith
Deputy Head Pastoral