In Class


The teachers of English promote a diverse, lively approach that incorporates traditional values and the National Curriculum.

In developing each child’s ideas, sensibility and judgement, pupils are encouraged to write creatively and to participate in a variety of oral activities. There are, for example, internal and external creative writing competitions; the popular English Speaking Board examinations and the opportunity to take part in inter-school debating and public speaking.

English is taught as far as possible through literature. Plays, poems, novels and short stories are studied with teachers aiming to develop pupils’ abilities to relate to the historical, cultural and social contexts of their reading. Interest in the set-works has been enhanced in recent years by trips to the battlefields of Belgium and France (war poetry), Rugby School (Tom Brown’s Schooldays) and Amsterdam (the Diary of Anne Frank).

A well-equipped theatre is a focus for the performing arts and provides stage experiences from assembly presentations to full theatrical productions. Each year, children participate in the Shakespeare Schools Festival with performances supplemented by visits to Stratford-upon-Avon and the Globe in London.

Every effort is made to give pupils a good understanding of their language, as well as the skills that will serve them throughout life. English is an absorbing subject that plays a key role within the School.