What is ICT?

Information and Communications Technology is concerned with the handling of electronic information (which can consist of text, numbers, images and sounds) and involves creating, collecting, holding, processing, presenting and communicating this information in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes.

ICT capability refers to a child’s ability to draw on their knowledge and understanding of ICT to apply it in a variety of contexts. ICT is taught right through the OPS from years 1 – 8. We have two designated ICT rooms with 20 computers each. All children have their own school email address and space on the network.


  • To encourage pupils at OPS to use ICT confidently and purposefully in all appropriate areas of the curriculum
  • To develop pupils’ ability to use information sources and ICT tools to help them find, explore, develop, analyse, exchange and present information
  • To use ICT in support of problem solving, investigative and expressive work
  • To teach pupils to make informed judgements about when and how to apply aspects of ICT to achieve maximum benefit To help pupils to understand the implications of ICT for working life and for society
  • Overview of areas covered: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Paint, Publisher, Photoshop, E-mail, Website building, Movie editing, Basic programming and many, many more…..