In Class

Modern Foreign Languages

French is taught to all pupils from Year 1 upwards. In Year 8 most pupils are prepared for Common Entrance examinations and more able pupils are prepared for Scholarship examinations in French.

Our aims are:

To provide an enjoyable and stimulating language learning experience to include pupils of all levels of ability ; schemes of work are designed to be challenging and raise expectations.

  • To develop the ability to use French effectively for purposes of practical communication, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • To establish the skills, language and attitudes required to promote and facilitate further language study.
  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of and positive attitude towards speakers of French throughout the world.
  • To promote awareness of multicultural and gender issues.
  • To build learners’ awareness of the language learning process and thereby facilitate the learning of other languages.
  • To promote a range of learning styles, including collaborative work with peers and independent learning.
  • To develop pupils’ communication, creativity and thinking skills.
  • To make a useful contribution to other areas of the curriculum.

Through Years 1 to 5 the emphasis is very strongly on communication, with most tasks being based on speaking and listening skills. As pupils progress more reading and writing tasks are introduced to reinforce the oral work, and pupils are encouraged to develop a sound grammatical knowledge of the language. Cultural awareness is promoted at every opportunity. The department organises a trip to the North of France for all Year 6 pupils every year.