Our main aim is to stress that science is enjoyable and relevant to pupils’ everyday lives and so we aim to provide suitable science courses for all pupils in the school, regardless of age or ability. As much as possible learning is through investigative work, exploring through practical activities and developing scientific skills.

At the OPS we follow the common entrance syllabus, which is closely allied to the national curriculum science orders at Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. Exams are taken by pupils at 11 and 13. We aim to help to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding to the limit of their capabilities by personal involvement in experimentation and investigation and by the use of ICT facilities in the department and the school.

By Year 6 pupils have 6 lessons (3 hours) of science each week and begin to study biology, chemistry and physics as discrete subjects. In Years 7 and 8, Science is taught as three separate subjects in line with the Common Entrance examinations and the classes are set alongside Mathematics.

We have two newly refurbished and well equipped laboratories which are used by all classes from Years 3-8.

We have extensive grounds, on a beautiful 62 acre site, where habitat study areas have been set up including a large pond, meadow area and woodland which makes learning in this curriculum area truly meaningful, relevant and enjoyable.