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Transition To Senior Prep

We have a smooth, structured transition in place to support our children moving from Junior Prep into Senior Prep and which generates excitement among them throughout Year 3 and 4.

Over time, children throughout Junior Prep become very familiar with many key areas of the school as they share the same facilities used by Senior Prep children, such as the Theatre, Library and Sports Hall as well as the Old Hall at lunchtimes and the Chapel.

  • During Year 2 and Year 3, our Year 3 and 4 teachers share break and lunch times with both year groups to get to know the children and start to build relationships with them before they move up to their new class. This also helps the children to feel comfortable and further build excitement about their transition and becoming part of Senior Prep from Year 5.
  • Years 3 and 4 children attend assemblies with Senior Prep and have a ‘Moving Up Day’  in the Summer term where they become more familiar with their classroom and other areas such as changing rooms and new play areas.
  • As they enter Year 3 and 4, pupils are taught in our individual specialist rooms for Science, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Art, and our Design and Technology Room (DT). They become adept and confident in moving around the school independently.
  • From Year 3, our children also start to serve themselves lunch, they practice this on their Moving Up Day, which is another significant part of their transition and of gradually instilling greater independence.
  • In Year 3 and 4, the length of the school day mirrors that of children in Senior Prep with their after school activities at the same time as Senior Prep. They also have occasional sports matches on Saturdays too.

Pupils have “outstanding levels of self confidence” and “attitudes to learning; they take initiative, facilitated by their outstanding information and communication technology skills which they use extremely effectively to support and enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum”.

ISI Inspection report December 2021

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