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Our School Uniform

The Oratory Prep School Uniform

Our School Uniform can be purchased from Schoolblazer via

Please find below our Uniform Booklet which provides further details about the uniform requirements for each year group.

The OPS Uniform Booklet 2023-2024Please note:

  • All items of clothing, shoes and bags should be clearly labelled on the inside.
  • Please remove any labels from the outside of the clothing.
  • Watches should have the child’s name engraved on the back.
  • The school can take no responsibility for the loss of articles, but every attempt will be made to return items that have been clearly marked.
  • Full school uniform is to be worn at all times unless specifically told otherwise.
  • No trainers of any kind to be worn as school shoes. School shoes must be black leather only.
  • Appropriate kit must be worn for PE and Games.
  • Shirts must be tucked in, socks pulled up, and shoe laces tied at all times.
  • Jumpers must not be worn around the waist.
  • Hair should be neat, off the face and, if long, tied back using school colour bands or scrunchies. It should be of a natural colour, not dyed or tinted. Crew cuts/buzz cuts are not permitted.
  • Pupils are not permitted to wear jewellery, with the exception of small stud earrings.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our Second Hand Shop is run by parents who volunteer their time and to whom we are extremely grateful. You can email to find out more. They will add messages in the parental Weekly Bulletin to inform you when the shop will be open.

Schoolblazer Information

Schoolblazer & Sustainability

Schoolblazer is the leading supplier of uniform and sportswear to independent schools in the UK, providing for more than 200 schools.

Founded in 2004, Co-Founders Tim James and Robin Horsell recognised that schools wanted product quality, service reliability and product differentiation. Almost 20 years on, Schoolblazer continues to innovate in design and fabrics, whilst incorporating sustainability into every decision.

Since its inception, Schoolblazer has been committed to an ethical approach, ensuring workers’ rights are prioritised and that any environmental impact is taken into account. Our annual environmental report demonstrates this commitment as we re-focus our efforts each year. We know that our garments need to last through the busy school year and design them to be worn 200+ times. By contrast, the average fashion garment is worn only 7 times.

In the last year, Schoolblazer has:

  • Continued to offset all carbon produced in the manufacture and supply of garments
  • Ensured that we are on track to meet a 90% sustainable cotton target by the end of 2023
  • Reduced our single plastic usage to 25% through a circular blazer shipping programme and the removal of all plastic packaging from the majority of our new garments. These are now shipped in paper bags and we have been trialling ‘naked shipping’ i.e. no packaging, in a number of schools.
  • Increased the number of sports garments produced with recycled polyester. It is now possible to order an entire range of sportswear for a school in recycled polyester.

For more information about Schoolblazer, please visit

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