We understand that choosing the right school for your child and for you as a family is exciting and at the same time can be daunting and feel overwhelming especially in these unprecedented times.

From the time that you contact us and throughout your admissions journey, we want to give you peace of mind and offer you an admissions experience that is personalised, shaped by your aspirations for your child, their education and all-round development.

You can click on our Annual Information Booklet towards the end of this section which describes our admissions journey.

September or In-Year Start

Whether you are seeking a school place in September or during the school year, we welcome you to come and meet our Headmaster, chat to our staff, pupils and parents and immerse yourself in our school to get a sense of what really sets us apart.

Our Registrar, Hannah Thomas, can be contacted on 0118 976 6924 or emailed at and would be delighted to organise your visit and also answer your admissions queries ahead of your visit.


You are not obliged to register your child before visiting the school but prior to your child joining us for a ‘taster’ experience.

There is a £50 non-refundable registration fee which can be paid by transfer using the school’s bank details found here and an Application Form to be completed to formally register your child. Registration is offered on a ‘first come first serve’ basis and does not guarantee a place at the school.

‘Tasters’ – your child’s own experience of our school

We love to welcome children to come and experience our school, make new friends and take advantage of all the opportunities on offer while they are with us, ranging from lessons in Forest School, swimming, science experiments in one of our Labs, to music, drama and sports fixtures.

If your child is feeling a little apprehensive about their ‘taster’ with us, they can have a mini tour and meet the teacher and the pupils who will be their buddies and take extra care of them when they spend time at the school.

We try to get to know your child as well as we can when they visit and explore their interests and talents, observe their interactions with other children and teachers, as well as their attitude towards learning.

We offer a variety of ‘tasters’ depending on the age of your child and as follows:

Nursery – A single, ‘taster’ settle session with parent/s, a second settle session without parent/s and a third session, also without parent/s, if necessary.

Kindergarten – A half-day ‘taster’ session with low key speech and language screening.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – An all day ‘taster’ session’ including playtimes and lunch. Observations and short, informal, low key assessments in speech and language, verbal and non verbal reasoning, and age appropriate reading, writing, comprehension and maths.

Year 3 upwards – An all day ‘taster’ including breaktimes and lunch. Observations with built-in Maths and English assessments from Year 3 – 5. For places in Years 6 – 8, prospective pupils sit CAT tests. Prospective boarders, from Year 3 upwards, are also offered an overnight experience in the Boarding House, as part of their ‘taster’ and assessment.

Where children are unable to visit the school for a ‘taster’, for example, due to living overseas, we want to bring our school to life as much as possible and organise virtual tours and a virtual meeting with our Headmaster as well as key staff and our pupils. For example, for children where English is a second language and who will become boarders, getting to know our Head of EAL and Head of Boarding is also essential.

Where applicable, a virtual assessment is incorporated into the virtual admissions process.

Next Steps

Following your child’s ‘taster’, you receive a letter detailing observations and, where applicable, the performance and outcome of your child’s assessment with an offer, or explanation of why the school declines to offer a place, within two weeks of your child’s visit.

An offer of a place is subject to receiving satisfactory school reports from the child’s current school or Early Years setting, and, where  applicable, school references, together with safeguarding information and, where relevant, confirmation that there are no outstanding fees.

Securing a place

If a place is offered, a £600 deposit is required to secure your child’s place and the completion of an Acceptance Form, which forms part of your contract with the school. The deposit is returned to you at the time that your child departs the school.

In instances where a place is accepted and the school is sponsoring a Child Student Visa Application on behalf of your child, the school and parents are duty bound to comply with the requirements of the UK Visas and Immigration Service (UKVI).

You can click on our Annual Information Booklet below which describes our admissions journey.