Art, DT & Forest School


The programme of study covers a variety of themes; looking at cross curricular links, concepts in art, different cultures and artists both contemporary and classic. Each theme is carefully planned to give pupils the opportunity to explore and experiment in a range of different media throughout the year. This allows them to begin to form their own personal art preferences and practical responses as they progress.

Personal art journals form an integral part of this process as pupils learn to record their journey through each theme. Those in Year 7 and Year 8 who have particular flair are supported in preparing for Art scholarships for senior schools.

The children are given many opportunities to share their ideas and opinions about both their own work and others. Regular discussions and displays of their art encourage them to express themselves and share their differences.

The use of ICT, workshops and visits to galleries and museums further supports their learning and understanding of art from different times, cultures and traditions.

Design & Technology

In Design and Technology, many of the materials and tools used will have been introduced within the Art curriculum in earlier years. It is a very popular hands-on subject, appealing to pupils’ natural curiosity and inventiveness and enabling them to begin to understand the important link between design and function. They are encouraged to think imaginatively, not in terms of right or wrong outcomes, but in terms of solutions which work.

They develop the confidence to become independent problem solvers through a range of design assignments, learning to analyse and evaluate existing products, develop their technical knowledge and understanding of materials and mechanisms, and explore, describe and refine their own design ideas.

The emphasis is on collaborating with their peers, developing an ability to communicate their ideas clearly and confidently in a range of formats, work cooperatively and compromise where necessary.

Forest School

NEW: We are very proud to report that we have achieved the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. This award acknowledges, rewards and celebrates the ecological achievements of the school, especially the hard work of our Eco Council.

We are living in a world that is driven by screens and technology that whilst exciting, can present challenges for children today. The Oratory Prep School is surrounded by 65 acres of beautiful grounds and Woodland, and Forest School is a place where children can leave their devices and explore and learn through nature, in a safe environment.

Within the Senior Prep School this helps students develop an appreciation of nature all year round and compliments the Schools formal education and curriculum.  Very importantly, the woodland provides a safe natural environment which nurtures every child’s well being, and is intrinsic within the schools pastoral care.

This allows students the freedom to develop life skills that support them becoming successful learners and confident individuals. Fun team tasks develop collaboration and communication, and natural art projects, mastering bushcraft skills and outdoor first aid challenges promote creativity and problem solving.

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