ICT skills are well developed by Senior Prep as ICT is integrated into the curriculum from Year 1 in every subject.

From Year 3, children are required to own a Chromebook and bring it into school daily and ICT is incorporated into lessons in more sophisticated ways as they move through Senior Prep.

For example, in English, Year 5 pupils use their devices to make their own punctuation presentation. In Science, all lesson resources are uploaded to Google Drive for pupils to access at any time for revision. They can access comic builder websites for designing science comics. In RE, Mentimeter is used to gather pupil ideas and knowledge, for example when studying Parables. In Music, they can also access Chrome music lab and experiment with music through Songmaker / Kandinsky / Rhythm / Shared piano / Oscillators and Spectrogram.

As well as using Jamboard in French, pupils’ use Flipgrid to record individual responses to fundamental question formations and the Flipgrid Topic page to assess language use collaboratively. It is a very popular and effective tool. In Computing, pupils use Google Slides, collaboratively, to create a presentation on a country of their choice. In PSHE, pupils are supported in searching definitions and examples of diversity, sterotype and discrimination online.

In Computing, Year 6 pupils use Scratch for Online Coding to make an array of games.They begin to use Google Sites to create a website.

During English lessons, Year 7 pupils will use their devices to research the context of the Holocaust and World War I. In RE, pupils research online and produce a symbol in any form of artwork and present their symbol and ideas to the class. Pupils also research from a guide list of websites for Prayer in World Religion.

In Year 7 and 8, when learning about Music technology, the use of the  ‘Soundtrap’ programme allows recording,editing and collaboration on projects supporting topics being studied. Our pupils also become adept with the use of real-time recording of instruments and voices alongside pre-recorded loops, beats and instruments.

In Year 8 History, Canva is used to allow pupils to create interactive posters about a historical figure from the first crusade. In their end of year projects on RE in Sport, Art and Fashion, pupils use selected websites for research and then present their findings to the class via a choice of media. In French, there is extended use of Flipgrid where pupils become adept at using it as a platform to collate and record languages spoken in the school community

In PE, throughout Senior Prep, pupils record their movements and flight in Gymnastics using the school iPads and Chromebooks during PE. By Year 8, pupils record and upload their own skills and drills for Games on Google Classroom.

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