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Early Years

In the early years, particular emphasis is placed on the children’s enjoyment of and participation in a wide range of physical activities, as specialist coaches help them to develop the necessary skills required for the sports available.

For the boys, Rugby is played in the autumn term, together with a wide range of other sports which take place in the sports hall and school astro turf. Football follows in the spring and Cricket in the summer. The girls play Hockey, Netball and Cricket respectively in the three terms. We are fortunate to have a fantastic swimming pool onsite and swimming is taught throughout the school year. Athletics is also part of the Physical Education programme in the summer term for both boys and girls.

The After School Club provides a range of sports for the children to participate in, these include Karate (Tiny Tigers), Tennis, Hockey, Futsal (Brazilian Football), Netball and Multisports.

Sport & Games

In our extensive grounds there are 5 full sized rugby pitches, 8 mini pitches, 6 Football pitches, 8 Mini football pitches and 7 cricket pitches. There are four tennis courts, three of which are based on astroturf. This astro is also useful for other sports’ practices, as well as netball and hockey matches.

There is a multi-purpose Sports Hall. All pupils get one lesson of PE weekly, and the hall is also used by a gymnastics club as well as the boarders in the evenings and is used for formal practices in the winter months.

Badminton, chess, volleyball, futsal, hockey, croquet, golf, judo, and table tennis are played recreationally during the year, with occasional matches as part of the activities programme.

Work within the Physical Education Department is designed to support, attribute and compliment the aims and overall ethos of the school which is to provide an education that meets the needs of each individual and allow them to achieve their full potential.

The physical education curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences to meet the needs of individual pupils and encourage and maximise the activity involvement by all pupils.

A strong extra-curricular programme is a fundamental part of the ethos of the school, providing every pupil with the opportunity of being involved in sport at whatever level but also giving the talented pupil the opportunity to strive for the highest levels of excellence. With this comes the enhancement of the personal qualities of sportsmanship, dedication and team spirit.

It is intended that the programme offered would encourage an attitude conducive to being involved in an active and healthy life style and also develop confidence, tolerance and an overall appreciation of their limitations and those of others, and the importance of being able to co-operate so as to get the best out of each and everyone.

Along with demanding the highest standards of participation and levels of achievement, the Department would be continually assessing other aspects of a pupil’s progress. An ability to listen and learn, a commitment to improve standards, an application to tasks set, an ability to co-operate and work with others and personal organisation and hygiene are monitored and reported upon in terms of their attitude to knowledge, quality of work and development of knowledge throughout the year.

Main Aims

The aims of the sports programme at the Oratory Preparatory School are outlined below:

  1. To provide equal opportunities regardless of ability.
  2. To develop physical co-ordination and competence.
  3. To develop hand/eye co-ordination.
  4. Promote physical fitness.
  5. Develop individual skills.
  6. Develop team spirit and identity.
  7. Develop artistic and aesthetic appreciation through movement.
  8. Assist social development with others either individual or larger groups.
  9. Promote positive attitudes towards health and fitness.
  10. Introduce a wide variety of sports from which to build a platform for later life.
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Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is perfect for children between the ages of 4 – 14, and offers an action-packed adventure week, utilising our whole school site and facilities, including our indoor swimming pool.  Our very own dedicated OPS staff team will be on hand to inspire all our children and ensure they are always supported with everything they need throughout the week.

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