Why Choose The OPS

‘The best thing about being a co-ed school is the richness and variety that we get, both in the activities we provide, but also in the opportunities that pupils can share with each other’

– Mr Stewart, Headmaster

The Oratory Preparatory School has been co-educational for nearly 50 years, and since the first girls joined in 1970, the school has gone from strength to strength as a result.

The ethos of well-rounded, broad-minded and inclusive learning lies at the core of the school, and as part of this is a dedication to preparing our children for life beyond education as best as possible. We believe that our environment provides the ideal setting to allow children to develop friendships, to debate and to learn alongside children of both genders.

Why is co-education so important to us?

  • Our co-educational setting promotes gender equality and respect from Nursery upwards, where children are provided the same opportunities academically, in sports, the arts and beyond.
  • Learning together offers children a representative view of our diverse society, preparing them for life beyond The Oratory Preparatory School.
  • We see how our children develop essential social skills, and our co-educational environment nurtures them so that they can demonstrate comfort in social situations and find it easy to make friends with the opposite sex.

In classrooms, co-education provides a setting where children can learn from one another, and work collaboratively to overcome challenges.

Watch the film below to see what co-education means to our staff and pupils:​


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