Parents Association

OPPA (Oratory Prep Parents Association) is the parent association for the Oratory Prep School. It is made up of the Parent Forum, ROPPA and Community Events committees.

OPPA has three key objectives:

  • To encourage contact, co-operation and good relations between parents, staff and pupils, primarily though the organisation of social and other events. Regular events are the fireworks night, Christmas Fair, and a film/disco night for the children. Other events have included a quiz night/race night and a summer event which might be a ball or a less formal Barn Dance.
  • To assist in raising funds, both for the school itself, for example to buy extra playground equipment or violins for a whole year group and also for charities, in particular local ones such as the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children.
  • To promote the school within the local community

Parent Forum

The Parent Forum (PF) is a new body introduced by the Headmaster, chaired by a parent, supported by a secretary. The PF will provide parents with a platform on which to discuss their concerns, worries and their praise for the school. These will be gathered via a parent-run email address ( or by speaking directly to the chair, HM or members of staff / ROPPA. These points will then be collated and those matters which appear to be of most concern will be discussed at the termly meetings, along with those topics chosen by our parents on the termly (anonymous) questionnaires. Any points which are more specific, or should be dealt with more directly, will of course also be addressed but with greater discretion. Any matters which are raised in the School Council meetings but require more intervention / discussion will also be addressed by the PF.

ROPPA- Reps of the Oratory Prep Parents Association

ROPPA is a committee comprised of year representatives lead by a Head Rep (HR). Each year group has at least 2 reps (more if required) and the reps rotate on a yearly basis. ROPPA meets twice a term and the meeting is organised and chaired by the HR. The HR is responsible for liaising with Admissions to establish what support is needed throughout the year for new and prospective parents. They also work closely with the CEL to provide support, as required, for school events. The HR assists the Reps throughout the year, ensuring that they provide the best experience possible to their year groups. As a committee ROPPA is a source of information and support both for prospective, new and existing parents.

Community Events

The Community Events Leader (CEL) will be responsible for liaising with the school and parent community to agree a schedule of community events for the forthcoming school year. The CEL will be responsible for identifying Event Leaders and will provide support and guidelines when required in terms of running events, ( project management and finance), and identifying people to join the various event committees. The aim is to ensure transparency and accountability of events at the OPS. This process will also ensure that all parents can be involved as and when they wish in school events on an event by event basis. At the end of the school year the CEL will communicate the event successes of the year – the monies that have been raised, the charities that have been supported and where funds have been spent.

All parents can be as involved in OPPA as they like, giving as much or as little time as they feel appropriate. Parents who give their time enjoy the opportunity to meet both staff and parents from outside their own children’s year groups. All parents, children and staff enjoy the events organised by the Community Events committee. The intention behind them all is to have fun, while often also raising money for good causes whether within or outside of the School. OPPA can be contacted through the School Office.

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Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is perfect for children between the ages of 4 – 14, and offers an action-packed adventure week, utilising our whole school site and facilities, including our indoor swimming pool.  Our very own dedicated OPS staff team will be on hand to inspire all our children and ensure they are always supported with everything they need throughout the week.

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