The following pupil insurances are available to parents:

    Insurance Opt-In Preference Form 2019-2020

    AXA Pupils Healthcare Scheme 2019

    AXA Pupil Healthcare Scheme Q&A 2019

    Personal Effects Insurance – This is optional and costs £8.57 per term

    Pupils Personal Effects Insurance Scheme - Product Information Document

    Pupils Personal Effects Insurance Scheme - Questions & Answers

    Personal Accident Insurance (including Dental) - This is compulsory and the cost is included in the School fees.

    You can either sign up or opt out of the insurance schemes by completing this form: Insurance Opt-In Preference Form 2019-2020.pdf. The termly premiums will be charged in advance on your School fee invoices.  Any enquiries relating to these insurance schemes should go to the Bursary (  

    The School is insured comprehensively in terms of public liability and for all activities supervised by members of staff. The School takes no responsibility for personal valuables brought into School.