Year 1

    Children entering Year 1 will find the day has become more structured and a little more formal.  However, play is still a very important part of the curriculum and opportunities are integrated into the weekly timetable to allow children the ability to continue to explore and investigate the world around them.

    The children enjoy a varied curriculum and academic skills are developed through carefully planned schemes of work, which follow the National Curriculum. An emphasis is placed on building the children’s confidence in tackling reading, writing and mathematics in a supportive and caring environment with the help of a dedicated and professional team. We aim to provide an individual education which allows each child to learn at their own pace and encourages good self-esteem. The two classes have interactive whiteboards which are used daily to help deliver the curriculum with a variety of software programmes, websites and interactive games.

    Class teachers teach most subjects, but there are specialist teachers for Music, Dance, French, Games and Swimming. In addition, the children visit the ICT suite each week for their Computing lesson. In games, the different needs of girls and boys are fully recognised, with the girls learning to play hockey, netball and rounders, while the boys learn to play tag rugby, football and cricket.

    Educational visits, plays, concerts and outside visitors add a further dimension that inspires the children in the already fun-filled weeks. At the end of Year 1 we believe that the girls and boys are well prepared to take on the new challenges in Year 2.