The Oratory Prep Test 005

Learning Support

During their time at the Oratory Prep School, our department expects that several pupils will require additional support of some kind. We tutor those with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia), including scholars, who for example, may need help with time management and exam revision techniques, and those who may need help to plug specific academic gaps along the way.


Often, one of our main aims initially is to develop a child’s self-confidence, a belief in themselves. We firmly believe that this affects and accelerates the whole learning process throughout the curriculum.

Our pupils are taught by two specialist teachers in literacy and mathematics. The predominantly one-to-one lessons are tailored to suit the pupils’ specific individual needs. Progress is assessed on a termly or six-monthly basis (as appropriate) so that achievement can be monitored according to expectation.

As well as the individual lessons, learning support assistants provide further support within the classrooms.


Communication is considered vital to ensure a pupil’s consistent progress throughout the school. During the period of individual support, information on each child is continuously shared with teachers and parents.

In addition, synopses of external reports (e.g. Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy etc.) are circulated to all teaching staff. Most importantly, they contain guidelines for effective management, relating to a pupil’s individual requirements, within the classroom itself.


At the Oratory Prep School, pupils receiving learning support voluntarily refer to their lessons as ‘special lessons’, a description which has stuck and perpetuated down the years – we think it is testimony as to how much the lessons are enjoyed, consequently helping them to flourish!