Pre Prep Running 2

Welcome to the Pre-Prep Department

We’re pleased to announce that from September 2021, Little Oaks Nursery and Kindergarten at the Oratory Prep School will open *all year round and our Nursery will offer wraparound care from 7.30am until 6.00pm for children from 2 years upwards.

*year round opening with the exception of the Christmas period and inset days

We welcome children from the age of 2 upwards into our colourful classrooms, consisting of Nursery, Kindergarten, and Reception through to Year 2. Believing that school should be fun and a place to forge friendships, the first years of education at The Oratory Preparatory School are spent in the warm and welcoming, yet vibrant and busy environment of the Pre-Prep. This is where the journey begins, where we strive to inspire a life-long love and passion for learning that will provide the essential foundation for future lives. We aim to create curiosity about the world and a thirst for knowledge by ensuring that children are stretched, not stressed. Helping children to achieve their personal academic potential will always be of the highest priority but we firmly believe education must also include a diet rich in music, art and sport.
We embrace the traditions and values which are imperative within a successful and happy school community. Our children are encouraged to be polite, kind and caring within a setting that recognises and celebrates individual differences and diversity. Our aim is for the children to be articulate, well–rounded girls and boys. We are dedicated to building self-esteem and resilience in every individual, by encouraging them to be age-appropriately independent. Through Forest School we help our children to open their eyes to, and appreciate the beauty of the natural world by teaching them how to be responsible custodians within the microcosm of their immediate surroundings. Forest School allows them to practise the life skills of negotiation, mediation and team building.
Please do come and see the smiles on faces, and hear the happy chatter, laughter and giggles that ring throughout the Pre-Prep Department.

Miss Kate Oakley
Head of Pre-Prep