Year 2

    Each class is dedicated a qualified and experienced teacher who teaches the core curriculum and is supported by teaching assistants. Music, Swimming, Dance, Games and French are taught by specialist teachers.

    Following on from Year 1, Games lessons build on the previous skills, with the girls playing hockey, netball and rounders and the boys tag rugby, football and cricket. In Year 2 we begin to introduce the children to inter school matches, with an emphasis on the co-operative skills essential for team games as well as ball skills. In addition we host an annual football festival and invite the local schools to participate. This event is for both boys and girl.

    Music is a very important part of the Year 2 experience at the OPS. As well as the whole class lessons where children have opportunities both to sing and play instruments, the children will prepare various performances throughout the year which are part of assemblies or plays, which are enjoyed by parents. During the Lent term the children are invited to the individual music rooms to experience a breadth of instruments not used in their weekly lessons. Individual lessons can be organised upon request.

    There remains a close relationship with parents and the children who continue to be brought to the classroom by parents in the morning. To develop a sense of self-discipline and self-worth, each child is a ‘monitor’ and is responsible for specific duties in Pre Prep e.g. taking footballs out at break times or putting away the sand toys.

    During the summer term the children are prepared for the transition into Year 3 by attending assemblies, a Fun Day on a Saturday with the junior school staff, sports fixtures against the Years 3 and 4, a musical instrument trial day and many other exciting events.

    At the end of Year 2 our children are confident and well prepared for the challenges they will meet in the Prep School.