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Early Years

Little Oaks Nursery

Little Oaks Nursery, comprising of Nursery and Kindergarten, is where the journey begins. We welcome children in to the Nursery from two years of age where instil a spirit of exploring and discovery and an appetite for trying out new things.

from September 2021, we are excited to be extending our existing Nursery and Kindergarten provision to 50 weeks a year from 7:30am – 6.00pm.  

Excellent development opportunities

The opportunities we can offer for the first stages of your child’s development are unrivalled at the Oratory Preparatory School. Our qualified staff introduce phonics and numeracy through a range of activities and experiences and also make them relevant to each child’s real life understanding. Our approach to the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum focuses on the development of the children by extending their learning through a vast range of enriching activities, enabling them to use their imagination and creativity, whilst building problem solving skills and independence.

Passion for outdoor learning

Our unique environment of 65 acres of woodland and open space lends itself to our strong belief that outdoor learning is an integral part to laying the foundations for a holistic learning journey supported by excellent pastoral care.

Our experienced and passionate, qualified Forest School team deepen the children’s curiosity and build resilience, risk-taking and determination through activities such as tree climbing, den building, fire making and habitat hunting, using the natural environment for all aspects of learning. 

Little Oaks is a purpose built Early Years development with an enclosed playground which extends out into our secure woods for the children to explore. 

Music, dance and swimming

As well as being taught a music lesson, dance session in the dance studio and PE lesson in our Sports Hall by qualified specialists each week, music and movement form an integral part of the daily life in Little Oaks, where children are encouraged to learn traditional nursery rhymes and songs and explore percussion instruments, music making and developing their rhythm and coordination. 

The advantage of having a swimming pool, with a purpose built training pool on site, means children have the opportunity to access term time weekly swimming lessons with our fully qualified swimming instructor. [pic of Kindy swimming]

Our extended provision:

In addition to the full Nursery or Kindergarten term time school day, our extended offer provides breakfast from 7:30am and then from 3:30pm onwards, structured play and a programme of late activities are on offer as well as providing tea for those staying until 6.00pm. 

We offer flexible drop off and pick up times for those children in our extended provision, in both Nursery and Kindergarten. 

Outside of term time there will be an exciting, structured programme of activities taking full advantage of the wider school grounds. 

A dedicated key person will build a partnership with you and your child through regular parent meetings and our online learning diary using the Tapestry platform.  We work very closely with parents and carers to ensure that what is taught in Little Oaks can be supported and echoed at home. This level of continuity ensures that children have a solid foundation on which to build their skills, ensuring they are ready for their move to our Reception classes in the September following their fourth birthday.