Here at the Oratory Preparatory School we aim to develop in each pupil the beliefs and values needed in order to respond to questions about human life, its origin and purpose.

Religious Education may be seen as being the heart of the curriculum, enriching and informing all areas of learning with the light of the Gospel, teaching pupils to seek the truth which is of God, in the whole of creation, in themselves and in others.

In order for each child to appreciate the importance of developing their belief, issues between and within faiths are explored. Understanding, respect and knowledge of different religions are fostered. Community cohesion and our guiding the pupils to an understanding of all people under pins all that we do.

The children, throughout the school, follow a religious studies programme, ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’, which encourages reflection, study and investigation by the pupils. There are four main areas: Revelation, Church, Celebration and Life in Christ. Children are prepared for the Catholic tradition Common Entrance Exam in Year 8 as well as for a variety of Scholarships.

We recognise our responsibilities for those children who are Catholics in preparing them for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Children attend Mass each week and on solemn feast days. Assemblies are held thrice weekly and daily prayers are said.

Trips are encouraged to complement the syllabus and provide an enriching experience for the pupils. We go to Douai Abbey, Dorchester Abbey, The Oxford Oratory, The Birmingham Oratory, the Reading Sikh Gurdwara and the Reading Synagogue for trips. We also go to Rome for five days with our Year 7 pupils for a cultural and spiritual trip. Pupils also learn about our founder, Blessed John Henry Newman and visit The International Centre of Newman Friends at Littlemore, Oxford.