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Full Boarding £8,420 (per term)
Weekly Boarding £7,263 (per term)
Flexi Boarding £42 (per night)


Year 7 and 8 Day £5,645 (per term)
Year 5 and 6 Day £5,590 (per term)
Year 3 and 4 Day £5,481 (per term)

Includes lunch, tea, occasional supper, travel to away matches, and most extra curricular activities.


Pre-Prep (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) £3,300 (per term)
Kindergarten (full time) £3,250 (per term)
Kindergarten (min. 5 sessions) £1,700 (per term)
Kindergarten (optional sessions) £30.00 (per session) (minimum 5 sessions per week)


Little Oaks Nursery (full day) £68 (per day)
Little Oaks Nursery (half day – pre-booked) £35.00 (minimum 3 per week)
Little Oaks Nursery (half day – ad hoc) £39.00

Registration Fee (£50)

The registration fee is payable upon registration and is non-returnable. The fee covers Pre-Prep and Preparatory School registration.

Acceptance Deposit (£600)

The acceptance deposit is payable to secure a place and will be repaid without interest by means of a credit against the final account from the School after the pupil leaves.

Termly Fees

The fees for each term are payable in advance, either on or before the first day of term. Alternatively, a monthly instalment scheme is available, operated by School Fee Plan. Interest is charged on late payment. If fees remain overdue, we reserve the right to exclude your child from school. Any such action will not prejudice our right to payment and you will remain liable for all sums due to us. However the fees are paid, the contractual liability remains with the signatories of the Acceptance Form. The School reserves the right to ask the parent to withdraw the pupil if this is in the interest either of the School or the pupil themself.

Please read about our optional and compulsory insurance policies.

School Fees Refund Scheme

There is an opportunity for parents to pay an additional termly charge to participate in the School’s Fees Refund scheme, whereby you can obtain a proportionate refund of fees if your child is absent from school for periods of time due to illness etc.

Travel Arrangements

Parents/Guardians must ensure that sufficient sums of money to cover the cost of half-term and end-of-term travel arrangements are sent to the School in advance and kept as pocket money by the School until required.